Genuine performance
The challenge: to create a cohesive brand story

Genuine performance drove the thinking that allowed agri-tech business Tru-Test to unlock its potential to grow.

Tru-Test came to us as a diversified product-led business looking for a cohesive brand story.

Through a process of discovery with the Tru-Test marketing team, the unifying idea of genuine performance emerged. Genuine reflects a heritage that’s real and truthful. Performance drives sustainable growth for Tru-Test’s divisions, customers and investors

Tru-Test develops high-performance products and innovations based on what they learn from the farmer. Results matter and good conversations count. We worked closely to create straight-talking brand campaigns that bring the farmer to the centre of the solution.

Chief Executive Greg Muir keeps genuine performance alive across the business.

“We are passionate about the power of the team and believe this is where genuine performance lies. We want to be better today than we were yesterday. And we want to be better again tomorrow, so that we can help farmers deliver the high-quality protein the world needs.”

The brand story and values are now part of a major culture programme at Tru-Test. Greg says staff are noticeably more engaged and were proud when Tru-Test won 2014 New Zealand Exporter of the Year.

“With a clearer identity and vision, we are in a stronger position to acquire new businesses that align with our strategy.”