We developed The Values Deck to fill a need for a simple tool that helps leaders define their organisation's values. 

Available to purchase online here from July 25.

Available to purchase online here from July 25.

The Values Deck is a collaborative five-step tool for business leaders who need inspiration and guidance when defining their company values.

The exercise is not about defining who you want to become in the future. It’s about defining the DNA of your organisation and determining what will guide your business in the future.

Who should you involve?
Use the Values Deck with a select group of leaders within your business, rather than with your entire business. Choose the people who display a true understanding of what your company stands for. The people you choose could be a mix of senior leaders and engaged, informal leaders within your business. The rest of your people will be involved later in the process when you ask for their assistance to bring the values to life internally. 

How many people should you involve?
Choose three to eight people. Any more and you risk it becoming a consensus building exercise.  

What’s the process?
The Values Deck works best if everyone has their own deck. Each person goes through steps 1, 2 and 3 on their own. You complete steps 4 and 5 as a collective.

The Values Deck digital hub
After completing the five steps, go online to our Values Deck digital hub for bonus content, tips and advice on how to:

  • Engage people in your business
  • Make your values unique
  • Define your expected behaviours and rituals 
  • Learn how to use your aspirational values

What organisations using The Values Deck have to say:

At NZ Rugby we’ve found the Values Deck allowed conversations on what truly matters to our teams in an innovative yet simple way. We’ve even managed to enjoy ourselves throughout the process. Organisational and team values can often be a horribly complex area to navigate through but we’ve found that the Values Deck has made it much more accessible and certainly more tangible for everyone in our team. It’s been great to challenge the way we would normally have approached these conversations which has led to some great outcomes. If you’re looking at approaching your thinking on this subject in a creative and inclusive way then the Values Deck will certainly provide that.
— Richard Gilhooly. Manager People & Capability. NZ Rugby
The Values Deck is a simple way to facilitate a conversation about what truly matters to your team and organisation. The real value of the game comes from the conversation the cards facilitate. I would highly recommend this as a great place to start, and it creates a way to bring everyone together and align teams.
— Samantha Gadd. Founder and MD. HumanKind
The game is a fantastic tool to open a values conversation with our staff, it enabled us to go from the personal to the organisational in a structured and inclusive manner. The team all found the exercise useful and enjoyable and it has provided a foundation for future value and brand discussions.

Developing an ad hoc approach to exploring our values would have been time intensive and would lack the robustness and simplicity of the Ocean approach. We were able to quickly identify what matters to our team and to think about how we work to better express our values.
— Tim Antric. President. YMCA of Greater Wellington