More rewarding
The challenge: to create three distinct brand personalities

Brands change and evolve over time, and it’s easy for lines to blur.

Parent brand Loyalty NZ needed a clear identity to differentiate it from its programme, Fly Buys, and data analytics division, Lab360. They felt they had no distinct personality of their own.

Although the Fly Buys brand was strong, it needed to remain relevant in a fast-moving world with changing consumer behaviours. And Lab360 was expanding to offer its data analytics services to external customers.

So three fresh, distinct brand stories were needed. Through a series of interviews and workshops with the board, leadership, customers, and partners, we were able to unlock the potential of the three businesses and align the programmes and products under a clear brand architecture.

The loyalty business is all about rewarding consumers for behaviour. The core brand idea of more rewarding now sits at the heart of all Loyalty NZ business and programmes. More rewarding is translated to Make the most of the moment for Fly Buys and Bringing insights to life for Lab 360.

Loyalty NZ, Fly Buys, and Lab360 each now has a clearly defined brand personality. The business has seen many benefits from the rebrand, not least a noticeable difference in staff engagement. Staff bring a new energy to work and have a clear understanding of exactly who they work for.