Bottling organisational spirit
The challenge: to unleash the potential of the Framingham culture

Unconventional Marlborough winemaker Framingham harnessed its unique spirit to drive massive growth in a traditional, highly commercialised industry.

Framingham’s winemaker Dr Andrew Hedly came to us wanting a clear strategy to realise the full potential of the business. An ex-punkrocker from the UK, Andrew led his band of winemakers with a strong focus on authenticity and an unwillingness to compromise. He wanted to establish a strong sense of identity that truly reflected their personality and that would provide a strong platform for global campaigns.

We helped Framingham to clearly define the culture that now sets their brand apart in the world of wine. The culture not only guides how the winemakers behave and how they communicate, it encourages individual spirit to come forward.

A unified purpose to make wines that rock the world sits at the heart of everything Framingham does. Values are brought to life through anti-establishment music references, making them relevant and meaningful to staff. And every day, the winemakers come to work to challenge and support each other to go further.

The business continues to take the strength of its internal culture to its global marketing campaigns. Recognised in 2014 as Marlborough’s Best Place to Work, the winemaker has successfully tapped into the value of workplace culture to help build an iconic, global brand.